Columbia College Chicago

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Columbia’s campus pulses with an irrepressible creative energy unmatched by any other college. You really have to see it to believe it. 

With nearly two dozen buildings in the center of Chicago’s historic, bustling South Loop neighborhood, you can’t help but be inspired by block after block of beautiful architecture, new sights, sounds, culture, the rhythm of the city.  And, when you need to take a break, just step onto our front lawn—Grant Park and Lake Michigan—for a dose of serenity and natural beauty.

Columbia’s campus extends well beyond our immediate neighborhood - we think of the entire city of Chicago as our playground and laboratory which includes countless theaters, museums, galleries, restaurants, libraries, clubs, concert halls, studios, publishers, international corporations, television and radio stations, newspapers, ad agencies, and nine miles of Lake Michigan parks and beaches. It’s a vibrant, shifting urban campus of people, colors, architecture, culture, and experience that offers the kinds of educational, professional, and creative opportunities that can only be found in one of the greatest cities on the planet.

Come see for yourself. Take a tour. We’d love to meet you.