Archival Material Collected

Records possessing historical, administrative, legal, and fiscal value are those to be permanently retained. These may include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Records of the College governing bodies and administrative units, such as Board of Trustees, College Council and its committees, Offices of the President, Provost, Vice-Presidents, Deans, and Directors.
  • Records of the academic departments that document the activity and history of the department.
  • College produced publications.
  • Biographical information of faculty, administrators, alumni, and staff.
  • Publications and other creative work of faculty members during their tenure.
  • Audiovisual materials and photographs documenting College history.
  • College artifacts, memorabilia, and ephemera.
  • Records of student organizations.
  • Theses or projects produced as part of the graduate degree requirement.

Digital Records

College Archives collects records generated by campus units in whatever form these materials were created. Digital materials are found within many College Archives collections since members of the college community use computers to create work on a daily basis.

The College Archives collects both the administrative paper and digital records of the college community in order to capture the full history and activities of Columbia College Chicago.

Archives are committed to keeping records in the same form in which they were created, so if a document was produced using computer technology, then the College Archives will collect the material in its original digital form.

Manuscript Material

Faculty at Columbia College Chicago lead full and rewarding creative lives outside the classroom and the College Archives works to document this output. Work that spans the creative and professional life of an individual captures the process of creativity. These collections do not consist of just the finished product but illustrate the creative process by also including the edits and changes that help to complete the journey to a finished piece. Housing the creative and professional work of individual faculty supports Columbia College Chicago curriculum and encourages primary resource use for teaching and research.