John Fischetti Collection

John Fischetti was a Pulitzer Prize winning political cartoonist who drew daily cartoons for the Chicago Sun, Chicago Daily News, Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Times, and The New York Herald Tribune, among others.

Subjects: Journalism, Illustration, Politics, History, Cartoons

Archie Lieberman Collection

Archie Lieberman was a photojournalist who worked from the 1950s to the early 2000s. His photographs appeared in magazines such as Look, Life, and Time, he worked for Black Star Agency, and for corporations like Land’s End, Acme Steel, and Inland Steel.

Subjects: Photography, Journalism, History

Chicago Anti-Apartheid Movement Collection

Organizations worldwide worked to end apartheid, the system of government-sponsored racism in Southern and South Africa. Chicago organizations were active in anti-apartheid efforts, with work carried out primarily through the efforts of local social justice, religious, and activist groups.

Subjects: Grassroots Organizations, Social Movements, Politics, Activism

Richard C. Heyser Collection

A member of the technical staff at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Richard Heyser held several patents including Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) and Time Energy Frequency (TEF) for acoustical measurements. Further, he contributed to ultrasound, underwater, and space imaging and mapping techniques for mapping earthquake fault lines.

Subjects: Audio, Acoustics, Sound Engineering

Nena Ivon Collection

Nena Ivon took a summer job with Saks Fifth Avenue and at age 17, was promoted to assistant fashion director. Eight years later, she became the director of fashion and special events, the job she held for the next forty years. She also teaches at Columbia College Chicago and works extensively with Fashion Columbia.

Subjects: Fashion, Fashion Retail, Marketing

William (Bill) Russo Collection

Composer, conductor, teacher, and author, Bill Russo founded Columbia College's music department, became the director of its Center for New Music, founded the Chicago Free Theater, and established the Chicago Jazz Ensemble.

Subjects: Music, Composition, Theatre

Gallery 312 Records

Gallery 312 was one of the first nonprofit art galleries in Chicago. It donated all its earned revenues: half to the participating artists and half to a local children’s charity chosen by the gallery owners and the gallery operating expenses were funded through the owners’ commercial real estate company.

Subjects: Art Management, Art & Design, Marketing

Robert (Bob) Enrietto Collection

Bob Enrietto worked in studio production for over three decades as a production manager, assistant director, set designer, and producer and he also co-founded Columbia College Chicago's "Semester in L.A." program.

Subjects: Film, Television, Film Production, Television Production

Youth Communication Chicago Records

Established in 1976, Youth Communication Chicago is an organization that offers a voice to urban youth journalists through its news publication: New Expression.

Subjects: Journalism, Photography, Creative Writing

Phi Sigma Records

Formed in Chicago in 1878, Phi Sigma was created to study literature and history and to practice public speaking. Still active, members present, perform, and lecture at monthly meetings and writings are gathered annually into a volume entitled The Voice.

Subjects: History, Creative Writing, Humanities, Art and Design

Clyde Caswell Collection

Clyde Martin Caswell was a radio pioneer in the 1940s and 1950s whose on-air name was Jim Christie. He also served as the head of the Columbia College Radio Department and later, as Dean of Students at the college. The collection strength lies in its radio recordings from the time period.

Subjects: Radio, Communication, History