About the Collection

  • Collection images provide full and part-time faculty with an easily accessible source of visual aids for classroom use.
  • College Archives holds more than 47,000 digital images covering a wide range of subjects.
  • Represented media includes: architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing, book arts, printmaking, photography, ceramics, mosaics, stained glass, textiles, jewelry, arms and armor, metalwork, furniture, commercial art, theater arts, process art, performance and video art, customs and culture, and fashion.
  • The collection contains images requested by faculty members. To keep the collection current, College Archives encourages faculty to request images to enhance coursework.

Access to MDID

  • Faculty must register with College Archives to access MDID, the teaching image database. To register, please email College Archives from a Columbia College Chicago email address.
  • MDID training sessions occur annually at the beginning of fall semester, however individual training sessions are available.

Image Requests

  • Please submit image requests to archives@colum.edu and allow time for processing of requests. Processing time is dependent upon request order and size. Allow a minimum two week turnaround.
  • We can shoot images from Columbia College Library, Inter-Library Loan, and personal books.
  • Personal slides can be digitized and uploaded into the MDID system.

MDID Training Documents