Theses produced to fulfill graduation requirements are housed in the College Archives located in the Columbia College Chicago Library

Each thesis is to be submitted in whatever format is customary for the field.

  • It is essential that the author's name and department is present on the work.
  • A 25-50 word abstract describing the content of the thesis should accompany the work.
  • By submitting a thesis, authors also give permission to the College Archives to make backups of any media accompanying their thesis.
  • The thesis is to be turned in to the student's departmental office prior to graduation and that office will then transfer the thesis to the College Archives.
  • For written theses, the Thesis Reproduction Permission Statement must be signed by the author in order for staff to photocopy the thesis in whole or in part for personal use by researchers.
  • For electronic submissions, the Electronic Permission Form must be signed by the author in order to be online.