The College Archives at Columbia College Chicago is charged with collecting materials that document the activities and the history of the College, regardless of format. Retained in perpetuity, these records preserve important information about the College.

This material created by Columbia College Chicago staff and faculty, whose performance of administrative duties generates material pertaining to such official duties, needs to be kept once the material is no longer active.

In the course of accomplishing the work of the College, a wide variety of material is created by College units. Such material exists in all forms: paper, electronic, digital, audiovisual, databases, and microforms.

College Archives is responsible for the organization, storage, and retrieval of material that documents the activities and history of the College as defined in the Collecting Policy and Records Authority Statement signed by both Columbia College Chicago President Warrick L. Carter, PhD and Sylvia Neil, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees in June 2010.

Definition of College Material

In order to document the activities and history of the College, College Archives collects the official and non-official records produced by its community.

College material includes those items created or received in any format in the course of College business.

Documents and other materials created at the College during the course of operations are saved and preserved for future use once the materials are no longer in active use.