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The Office of the Associate Provost for Creative Technology Strategy

“Creative Technology” is a term used increasingly in the academy and in industry, to refer to emerging practice of arts and media technology applications. Institutions as widespread as the Sundance Institute and the National Science Foundation as well as European and North American universities have used the term in this context.

The role of this newly formed office is to initiate and sustain conversations that impact curriculum and creative productivity. Based upon these conversations, the office will help lead the development of technology ecosystems that support co-designed projects, and foster hands-on team collaborations across units and programs. The outcomes expected of these responsibilities are broadly threefold:

  • Expand faculty and student access to and participation in creative applications of emerging technologies in performing and fine arts and media;
  • Engage faculty and staff in the collaborative design of projects for the discovery and refinement of technological contexts for future pedagogy;
  • Encourage the advancement of tangible experiences—embodied in physical materials, including fabricated objects and devices that host embedded sensors and displays. The future of creative technologies lies beyond virtual experiences and software applications alone.

The Associate Provost position draws upon experience with creative technology development and application, experience with interdisciplinary curriculum design and multi-departmental program operation, and roll-up-your-sleeves working knowledge of design processes that build bridges and produce innovative results.

To build foundational knowledge for coherent discourse across the college, this office has initiated a discovery process working with departments to identify creative practices and related technology skills requirements. Discovering the common languages and associated skills of creative practices will help unveil relevant pathways for planning and designing creative technology prototypes. Such pathways will enable the development of projects that produce teachable demonstrations of creative technology applied in diverse courses and programs. The beginnings of this process will be small in scope, and will be limited by existing assets already found on campus. Early efforts will be modest and intended to serve as a testbed, with the intent to establish a shared practice that can be sustainable and scalable across applications and programs in performance, design, and production.

Creative Technology Strategy
an illustrated essay

Provost's Forum - February 2013

Please find shortened clips of this video below.

  1. Students’ Futures & Creative Technology 05:00
  2. Origins of Tools 02:22
  3. Managing Disruptions 03:08
  4. We are Pre-Adapted to the Future 01:32
  5. Prototyping Networked Laboratory 05:43
  6. Practice-Based Technology Mapping 01:39
  7. From Practice Mapping to Community Informatics 03:00
  8. Envisioning Future Professional Practice 05:20
  9. Creativity as Problem Solving 00:55
  10. Rethinking Creativity 00:48             
  11. Interdisciplinary and Community Informatics 01:10
  12. Supporting Bottom-Up Change 01:50
  13. Pedagogy of Creativity as a Practical Skill 02:56