Planning and Design Task Force Team

Sean Andrews Faculty Senate President; Associate Professor of Cultural Studies/HHSS He/Him/His
Nathan Bakkum Senior Associate Provost; Associate Professor of Music He/Him/His
Derek Brinkley* Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions He/Him/His
Madhurima Chakraborty Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing She/Her/Hers
Peter Cook* Associate Professor; Chair of the American Sign Language Department He/Him/His
Keisha Cowen Senior Director of Campus Communications She/Her/Hers
Marcella David Senior Vice President and Provost; Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship She/Her/Hers
Natasha Egan* Executive Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography She/Her/Hers
Peter Fitzpatrick* Special Advisor for Community Service; Professor of Photography He/Him/His
Angela Forbes Talent Acquisition Manager, Human Resources She/Her/Hers
Ames Hawkins* Associate Provost for Faculty Research and Development; Professor of English and Creative Writing She/Her/Hers; They/Them/Theirs
Rachel Horton Director of Student Persistence, Academic Services She/Her/Hers
Ann Kalayil AVP for Facilities and Construction She/Her/Hers
Kwang-Wu Kim President He/Him/His
Brian Marth* Associate Provost for Academic Services He/Him/His
Raquel Monroe* Co-Director, Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Associate Professor of Dance She/Her/Hers
Charee Mosby-Holloway Director, Student Diversity and Inclusion She/Her/Hers
Laurent Pernot Chief of Staff, Office of the President He/Him/His
Arlie Sims* Head of Reference and Instruction, Library He/Him/His
Carin Silkaitis Allen and Lynn Turner Chair of the Theatre Department; Professor of Theatre She/Her/Hers; They/Them/Theirs
Dean Strauss Media Coordinator Intern, Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion He/Him/His
Jerry Tarrer Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer He/Him/His
Monica Teixeira Director of Conaway Achievement, College Advising Center She/Her/Hers
Folayemi Wilson* Co-Director, Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Professor of Art and Art History She/Her/Hers

*indicates that this individual served on the ArTT Selection Committee