Team Criteria

The ArTT is committed to the intensive and long-term work of racial justice and equity at the college; the commitment is for two years, with a reevaluation at the end of that time to discuss team members’ continuing commitment. The ArTT must be reflective of the diverse Columbia College Chicago community. Our hope is to gather a team that, in its unified commitment to antiracism work, represents a cross section of social identities, positions in the institution, and skills in order to undertake the multifaceted work of leading an audit, and ultimately transforming the college, moving it towards becoming a more equitable institution. Members of the team need to be affiliated with the college in one or more of the following ways:

We are looking to build the ArTT with people who are willing to do the long-term evolving work around antiracism. They must understand both, that this work is goal-oriented and that shifts will happen as we learn more. It is long-term yet, needs to address the exigencies of the moment, in order to match the myriad sources of racism using a myriad of tools.

We will foreground marginalized voices and experiences. We assume both that no single person can accommodate all the tools we will need for this work, and that each individual will bring multiple perspectives and skills. Our hope for the team is as follows: