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Black Music Research Journal Begun in 1980, BMRJ is regularly published, usually twice yearly, and includes articles about the philosophy, aesthetics, history, and criticism of black music. BMRJ is available by subscription and also as a benefit of Membership.

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Current Issue: Vol. 35, No. 2


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Back Issues

The following back issues of the BMRJ can be purchased through the University of Illinois Press.

  1. Vol. 8, no. 2 (Fall 1998). Country blues performances, Chicago Musicians Local Union 208, theses and dissertations, and other topics.
  2. Vol. 9, no. 1 (Spring 1989). Black Music in California.
  3. Vol. 9, no. 2 (Fall 1989). Selected articles from the 1989 National Conference on Black Music Research.
  4. Vol. 11, no. 1 (Spring 1991). Topics in African Music.
  5. Vol. 11, no. 2 (Fall 1991). Implications of contemporary critical literary theory on black music research and scholarship, edited by Bruce Tucker.
  6. Vol. 12, no. 2 (Fall 1992). Articles by Carol Oja, Jane Bowers and William Westcott, Douglas A. Lee, Wendell Logan.
  7. Vol. 13, no. 1 (Spring 1993). Articles by Doris Evans McGinty, Jeffrey Green, Samuel A. Floyd Jr.
  8. Vol. 14, no. 1 (Spring 1994). Articles from the 1993 National Conference on Black Music Research.
  9. Vol. 14, no. 2 (Fall 1994). Caribbean Music and Its Connections to African-American Music.
  10. Vol. 15, no. 1 (Spring 1995). Black Music in South Carolina; Black Music in England; An Index to Music and Some Highly Musical People.
  11. Vol. 15, no. 2 (Fall 1995). Negro Spirituals and Gospel Songs: Indexes to Selected Periodicals, by Robert Sacré.
  12. Vol 16, no. 1 (Spring 1996). Selected articles from the 1995 National Conference on Black Music Research; an interview with Sylvia Lee.
  13. Vol. 16, no. 2 (Fall 1996). Black Music and Music Pedagogy, edited by Carlesta Elliot Spearman.
  14. Vol. 17, no. 1 (Spring 1997). Articles by Edward Komara, Jared M. Snyder, Christopher Washburne, Stuart L. Goosman, and Abiodun Duro-Ladipo and Gboyega Kolawole.
  15. Vol. 17, no. 2 (Fall 1997). Articles by David Metzer, Mark Mattern, Thomas Brothers, Willie Anku, Kazidi wa Makuna.
  16. Vol. 18 (1998). Double issue. Selected articles from the 1997 Inter-American Conference on Black Music Research.
  17. Vol. 19, no. 1 (Spring 1999). Articles by Wayne D. Shirley, John Andrew Johnson, Jeffrey Magee, Timothy Rommen, Sherrie Tucker.
  18. Vol. 19, no. 2 (Fall 1999). New Perspectives on Thelonious Monk, edited by Mark Tucker.
  19. Vol. 20, no. 1 (Spring 2000). Blind Lemon Jefferson, edited by David Evans.
  20. Vol. 20, no. 2 (Fall 2000). Black Music Scholarship in Europe, edited by David Horn.
  21. Vol. 21, no. 1 (Spring 2001). Articles by Stefano Zenni, Robert Grenier, Hafez Modirzadeh, David B. Coplan.
  22. Vol. 21, no. 2 (Fall 2001). Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, edited by Jeffrey Green.
  23. Vol. 22, no. 1 (Spring 2002). Articles from the 2001 International Conference on Black Music Research.
  24. Vol. 23 (2003). Double issue. African-American Music of Appalachia, part 1, edited by Fred J. Hay.
  25. Vol. 24, no. 1 (Spring 2004). African-American Music of Applachia, part 2, edited by Fred J. Hay.
  26. Vol. 24, no. 2 (Fall 2004). The Heritage and Legacy of Harry T. Burleigh, edited by Jean E. Snyder.
  27. Vol. 25 (2005). Double issue. Articles by Lawrence Schenbeck, Melinda E. Weekes, David Brackett, Micol Seigel, Gayle Murchison, Linda F. Williams, Gerhard Kubik.
  28. Vol. 26, no. 1 (Spring 2006). The Music of African-American Women: Secular and Sacred, Uplift and Self-Assertion, edited by Christopher Wilkinson.
  29. Vol. 26, no. 2 (Fall 2006). Challenging Received Opinions: Four Studies of the African Diaspora in the Circum-Caribbean.
  30. Vol. 27, no. 1 (Spring 2007). Articles by John Wriggle, Gavin Steingo, Peter Manuel and Orlando Fiol.
  31. Vol. 27, no. 2 (Fall 2007). Articles by Carrie A. Allen, Jon Fitzgerald, Bode Omojola.
  32. Vol. 28, no. 1 (Spring 2008). Becoming: Blackness and the Musical Imagination, edited by Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr.
  33. Vol. 28, no. 2 (Fall 2008). Articles by Kevin M. Delgado, Peter Waden, Sarah Schmalenberger, Njoroge Njoroge, Denis-Constant Martin.
  34. Vol. 29, no. 1 (Spring 2009). Articles by Samuel A. Floyd Jr. and Ronald Radano, Cheryl L. Keyes, Samuel Furé Davis, Robert Grenier and Claude Dauphin, Jeff Packman, Stephanie Shonekan.
  35. Vol. 29, no. 2 (Fall 2009). Southern Syncopated Orchestra, part 1. Articles by Howard Rye, Konrad Nowakowski, and Natalie Spencer.
  36. Vol. 30, no. 1 (Spring 2010). Southern Syncopated Orchestra, part 2. Articles by Howard Rye, Jeffrey Green, and Horst P. J. Bergmeier and Rainer E. Lotz.
  37. Vol. 30, no. 2 (Fall 2010). Articles by Nanette de Jong, Yvonne Daniel, Juanita Karpf, Jennifer Hildebrand, Leta E. Miller, Jesse Stewart, Ronald Radano, Jerma A. Jackson, Ingrid Monson, Shane White, and Howard Rye.
  38. Vol. 31, no. 1 (Spring 2011). Music of Black Los Angeles. Articles by Jacqueline Codgell DjeDje, Karin Patterson, Eddie S. Meadows, Charles Sharp, Jesse Ruskin, Birgitta J. Johnson, Gabriela Jiménez, Christina Zanfagna, Hansonia L. Caldwell, and Dwight Dickerson.
  39. Vol. 31, no. 2 (Fall 2011). Articles by Sarah Hankins, Michael Marcuzzi, John Haines, George Lipsitz, and Matt Sakakeeny.
  40. Vol. 32, no. 1 (Spring 2012). Articles by Teresa L. Reed, Rebecca Sager, Joseph M. Murphy, David W. Stowe, David Brackett, Loren Kajikawa, and Martha Ellen Davis.
  41. Vol. 32, no. 2 (Fall 2012). New Perspectives on the Black Music Diaspora: Focus on the Caribbean. Articles by Raquel Z. Rivera, Elizabeth McAlister, Rose Mary Allen, Nanette de Jong, and Roger D. Abrahams.
  42. Vol. 33, no. 1 (Spring 2013). Black British Jazz. Articles by Jason Toynbee, Linda Wilks, Nathan C. Bakkum, Mark Doffman, and Byron Dueck.
  43. Vol. 33, no. 2 (Fall 2013). Articles by Griffin Woodworth, Peter M. Lefferts, Rebecca M. Bodenheimer, Yoko Suzuki, and Tanya Y. Price.
  44. Vol. 34, no. 1 (Spring 2014). Melba Liston. Articles by Lisa Barg, Tammy Kernodle, Dianthe Spencer, Sherrie Tucker, Maxine Gordon, Cheryl L. Keyes, Geof Bradfield, and Emmett G. Price III.
  45. Vol. 34, no. 2 (Fall 2014). Guest Edited by Jeff Packman and Xavier Livermon. Articles by Steven F. Pond, Mark Laver, Laurence Robitaille, Jeff Packman, and Xavier Livermon.