Columbia College Chicago

Charles Long

Charles Long

MFA Candidate ’18
, Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts

“I have carried a duty to righting the ship … so that an inclusive tomorrow exists”

Charles Long is a Chicago-based artist, activist, and Black liberationist. He has worked across the United States with poor, disabled, young, LGBTQ, currently/formerly active drug users and formerly homeless communities. Long lifts up the voices of those he advocates for as their own best decision makers by bringing their voices to the halls where decisions directly impacting them are made.

Long has a strong belief in direct action as a means of achieving the long-term goals associated with living in a world where the lives of all Black folk are honored, regardless of ability, class, gender, or education. His work focuses on creating concrete avenues for people to thrive and grow. Long also works within the environmental justice movement because he considers maintaining a direct relationship with the land is necessary in order to truly achieve any sense of freedom.

Long has worked in all realms of the social justice arena in different capacities, from direct service provision and lobbying to development and communications. He uses that background to inform his current movement work as well as his overall artistic practice.


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