Columbia College Chicago

Stephen Chaney

Student, Design Management and Photography

“The obligation of a people is to each other. Since before the country was founded, this has been threatened. I believe there now is an opportunity to protect those long subjugated and liberate ourselves from the systems that have kept such a practice in place.”

Born to a multiracial family and raised speaking Spanish, Chaney grew up in a very diverse environment. He hopes to use his unique personal experience to better represent those he speaks for in situations such as in the DEI committee.

With a background in photography, graphic design, and management. Chaney uses strives to engage others in thoughtful conversations on race and culture. Most recently, he has gone abroad to study international business and cultural representation in pursuit of a more holistic approach to advocacy and institutional change.

As leader of Columbia College Chicago’s International Student Organization, he facilitated the interaction of foreign and domestic students which included educating them about lesser known, extended diasporas, and the debates on the various approaches and effects of activism. Chaney has represented his peers at the college in a variety of ways throughout his time here: He helped with the planning of the upcoming Student Center, he was a member of the international recruitment team, and he has held leadership positions in multiple student organizations.

Chaney’s goal is to use the resources afforded to him to represent those at risk of being racially or culturally overlooked, misrepresented, or mistreated.


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