DEI Course Designation

2024 DEI Course Designation Process


The deadline for DEI designation proposal is now part of the fall curricular process (changed from the previous spring semester review cycle). We altered the workflow to better align with the standard curricular process, allow for a shorter wait time between approval and catalog listing, and to allow for new course proposals to apply for DEI designation at the same time. (Under the old process, one would have to apply for a new course and then wait until the following year to apply for DEI designation).DEI-designated course applications will now be submitted through Curriculog as part of the regular curricular approval process. The new course proposal (NCP), changes to existing course proposal (CTEC), and course reactivation proposal forms now all contain a conditional step for DEI approval. In the Core, DEI, and Honors areas of the forms, there is now a required question asking if you are applying for DEI designation. If you answer yes to this question, you will be asked to attach the DEI application. Then the DEI Committee step will populate between the Department Chair and School Curriculum Committee. (Note: A CCCX course will go directly to the core curriculum committee after DEI review instead of the SCC). We will continue to conduct application workshops and reviews in the spring, and we strongly encourage faculty to go through that process to facilitate a successful application. However, participation in the spring process is now no longer required for submission in the fall. 


Please refer to the Academic Operations sharepoint site for timelines of when applications are due within Curriculog. 


If you have any questions regarding DEI Course Designation please email Danielle Alexander (