Spring 2024 DEI Programming Grants

Academic DEI Programming Grants


With financial and administrative support from the Office of the Provost, the Office of Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) invites full and part-time faculty members and staff to apply for monetary grants up to $1000. These grants are intended to support interdisciplinary collaborative public programming across the college.   

 Academic DEI Programming Grants will be reviewed and awarded by the DEI Executive Committee. Please read all instructions carefully. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All applications must be emailed as a single PDF file to the Office of Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: dei@colum.edu

Spring 2024 Semester Review Cycle

Spring 2024 Theme: Continued Collaboration

This year, we are again seeking joint applications that will build our capacity for DEI on our campus through interdisciplinary, collaborative programming. The grant will support collaborative programming that addresses more than one disciplinary perspective, and the potential to attract audiences with different questions, modes of analysis, and notions of “product.” Applications must consist of two or more collaborators with preference given to partnerships across schools and/or different disciplinary perspectives.

 Types of projects

Proposals should clearly articulate how the programming supports or further develops DEI efforts throughout the College. The DEI Executive Committee especially values proposals that interrogate structures of power and privilege as articulated in the DEI Mission, and that encourage collaboration, interdisciplinary practice and critical engagement with students and other units of the college.


Required Application Documents

Grant Application Cover Sheet 

Grant Application Terms and Process


Spring 2023 Grant Recipients 


Cultural Opportunities and Diversity Expo (CODE) – Darlene Jackson (Career Center), Madeline Smith (TRIO), Roy Salazar (TRIO), Jeff Spitz (CTVA), Charee Mosby-Holloway (SDI)

Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project – Dave Pabellon (Design), Sarah Ross (SAIC)

Neuro-inclusive Training & Programming – Grace Overbeke (Theater), Jackie Spinner (Communication), Melissa Gamble (Fashion Studies)

Learning From Native Writers & Artists – Joan Giroux (Art & Art History), Onur Öztürk (Art & Art History), Carolina Alaya (ECW), Jay Bigboy (ECW), Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin (Communication), Laurie Hewlings-Little (CTVA), Rich King (HHSS), Jeanne Petrolle (ECW), Jeff Spitz (CTVA)

Diversity, Inclusivity, and the Future of Avatars: An Interdisciplinary Workshop and Discussion – Lauren Peters (Fashion), Taylor Hokanson (Art & Art History)

Equity in Exhibition Application Processes – Philip von Zweck (Art & Art History, Design), Meg Duguid (DEPS), Jude Bettridge (Communication)

Tom Jones Lecture in Photography – Karen Irvine (MoCP), Kelli Connell (Photography)