Excellence in Teaching Award

Nominations will be open to all students and faculty from November 30, 2020 to February 5, 2021. Nominations will be announced via email and other appropriate college channels.

How to Nominate Someone

To nominate a faculty member, students and faculty can send an email to ETA@colum.edu and include the following information:

The Provost’s Office will contact each nominee by February 8, 2021 to request the following, all of which is due February 26, 2021:

Review Timeline

March and April
Committee members meet to review materials and select semi-finalists. Semi-finalists submit recordings of one complete class session. Committee members review recordings and meet a second time to select finalists and runners-up.

May 1
The finalists and runners-up will be notified and invited to facilitate a Faculty Development session in August 2021.

Each winner receives a $1500 award, and each runner up receives a $500 award.

Recent Past Recipients

Because of our need to move all face-to-face teaching to remote learning situations, the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee felt the usual practice of conducting classroom observations would not only be logistically difficult, but unethical as well. As a result, the committee decided to cease deliberations at the point of their usual semi-finalist selection and consider all individuals as co-finalists in the 2020 Awards.

Part-Time Faculty


Matthew Andersen

Derek Fawcett

Joseph Kramer

Sam Roe

American Sign Language 


Audio Arts and Acoustics



Michele Hoffman

 Science and Mathematics 


David Antognoli

Interactive Arts and Media 


Kristi Bramlett


Full-Time Faculty


Lauren Downing Peters

Carolina Posse

Khalid Long

Hilary Sarat-St. Peter

Wendi Weber

Fashion Studies

Cinema and Television Arts


English and Creative Writing 



Tom Fraterrigo

 Cinema and Television Arts


Dana Connell

Fashion Studies


Ann Gunkel

Humanities, History, and Social Sciences

Recipients before 2017