Career Center

The Career Center is a one-stop shop that assists students in navigating the path from college to career. The Career Center offers an ever-expanding range of services that help students earn income while they are still in school and gain hands-on experience with creative industries—with the goal of creating meaningful career outcomes for students following graduation.

Career Center staff work with students to identify potential career paths and goals; improve resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills; help land a relevant internship or job; develop a visual brand; build a professional portfolio; and make industry connections.

Faculty provide students with the foundation they need to succeed in their specific industries, and the Career Center aims to complement faculty efforts by providing students with a real-world application of their skills at a job or internship. In addition, the Career Center hosts events with industry professionals that open students' eyes to potential career pathways. Workshops are also provided so that students are equipped with the professional development they need to land a job in their desired industry.

Faculty can partner with the Career Center on syllabus development by: