Submitting a Student Success Alert

Student Success Alerts (formerly EASE) allow faculty and staff to submit notifications when they are concerned about a student. Alerts are key to providing early intervention and customized support to our students. If a student needs help with an issue that is not an emergency or a report of sexual misconduct, please submit an alert.


Reasons to submit an alert include but are not limited to:

Alerts are received by Student Persistence, who will either follow up with the student directly to provide support, or assign the alert to the appropriate support office. When alerts are submitted under the “concern about student’s health/behavior” reason, they are automatically routed to Student Relations.

To submit an alert, log into MyColumbia and you will see a “Student Success” tab at the top of the page. You will be prompted to use your Single-Sign-On (SSO) credentials to access the platform. This is the same system we use to collect Mandatory Attendance Reports (MAR) and Academic Progress Reports (APRs). By collecting alerts in the SSC Navigate system, we have a better perspective on the entire student experience and how we can provide appropriate assistance. For more information or questions about submitting alerts, please contact