Post-Pandemic Industry Innovations

Some industries were hit incredibly hard by the pandemic, causing small and large companies and businesses alike to file for bankruptcy. Others were able to innovate and pivot in order to address constraints created by the necessary quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and the social distancing guidelines. Regardless of the field or industry, work life in many of the industries in which we work and teach is likely to be forever changed. 

Even as we in North America may be returning to in-person connections and interactions, the pandemic as a global event is far from over. The resources on this page provide ideas for making sure to continue to discuss the ways professionals have adapted in our fields and industries in the past year and what else we might need to think about in a global economy in the years to come.  

Creativity and Crisis: How 7 SFPA Chairs Studied Covid's Transformation of the Arts 

This Spring, 7 SFPA department chairs co-taught a CCCX 300 Innovation and Impact class called "Creativity and Crisis: Covid-19 in/as the Arts" to 70 students on Zoom. They will be describing what it's like to collaborate across eight disciplines to study a historic event in the moment of its emergence using a variety of instructional technologies, and how it transformed their view of the pandemic from an arts-disrupting into an arts-erupting occurrence. 




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