Asynchronous Online Instruction

Below is a chart that focuses on the kinds of tasks faculty will want to use in order to support teaching in asynchronously. Canvas allows for a wide range of options for online teaching. If you are less comfortable with Canvas, or would like a review, we have created an online Canvas Refresher course. If you would prefer a face-to-face Canvas Basics course, you can sign up here. 




Distributing class updates/information 

Announcements and Inbox on Canvas 


Studio on Canvas 

Creating Announcements in a Canvas course 

Sending messages to students through the Canvas Inbox 

Record a webcam video in Panopto

Record a webcam video in Canvas Studio

Leading/engaging in synchronous discussions online 

Discussion Board on Canvas 

Creating Canvas discussion boards 

Lecture Recording, screen capturing, video discussions 



Studio on Canvas 

Recording lectures and screen capturing with Panopto

Adding Panopto videos to a course page

Using Panopto for video discussions

Recording lectures and screen capturing with Canvas Studio 

Adding Canvas Studio videos to a course page 

Using Canvas Studio for video Discussions 

Adding and recording audio to PowerPoint slides

Asynchronous small group work/discussion organized by students  

Groups on Canvas 

Create Groups in a Canvas course 

Create group assignments 

Create group discussions 

Monitor student activity in groups 

Holding virtual office hours 

Zoom, Conferences on Canvas, Microsoft Teams 


Managing Zoom Meetings

Video Conferencing with your students using the Canvas Conferences tool 

Using Microsoft Teams to chat and video conference 

Zoom and Teams Comparison Chart

Providing course content (handouts, videos, audio files, readings) 

Populating Modules on Canvas – YouTube, TED, etc. 

Adding materials to Canvas modules

Uploading a file to Canvas pages, assignments, discussions, etc. 

Embedding videos from the web (YouTube, Vimeo, Ted) within Canvas pages, assignments, discussions, etc. 

Adding Canvas Studio videos to a course page 

Online assignment submissions  

Assignments on Canvas 

Creating assignments within a Canvas class

Setting up Canvas  Assignments for online submission 

Online problems, sets, and quizzes 

Canvas Quizzes, Canvas Pages

Create online quizzes in Canvas 

Use the math editor within a Canvas page, assignment, discussion, quiz, etc.  

For more information, we also recommend the following resources: 

American University 

DePaul University 

The University of Washington, Seattle 

Note that Canvas offers 24/27 support, which includes telephone and chat support. Contact them with any questions about how to use any component within Canvas and Canvas Studio, as well as with any problem that you encounter with the system.  

In order to provide additional support, we have identified staff and/or faculty in every department who can offer disciplinary-specific advice on how to convert coursework to an online setting. You may view a list of these faculty and staff in this document.

Through Team Dynamix, faculty and staff can also request support for outstanding issues where technical assistance is necessary.

If you have additional questions that weren’t addressed through our Canvas Refresher, a Canvas Basics course, or your department contacts, contact Academic Technology ( 

Ames Hawkins ( is also available to field pedagogical questions regarding online teaching.