Dr. Kwang-Wu Kim - President and CEO of Columbia College Chicago

A Message from President Kim on the 2022-23 Academic Year Tuition and Fees

November 16, 2021

Dear Columbia undergraduate students:
At its most recent meeting on October 28, the Columbia College Chicago Board of Trustees approved the recommendation of the administration to set tuition for the 2022-23 academic year at $29,270, which is a 10 percent increase before financial aid.
After no increases for two years, the rise in tuition is designed to maintain and enhance the college’s current academic offerings and services to support student success. The institution’s goal is to build upon its solid reputation in creative disciplines; added tuition revenue will be an investment in our people and our programs.
Residence hall rates for the 2022-23 academic year will increase by 2.5 percent, reflecting rent increases by the owners of the buildings Columbia leases for student housing.  
The Board of Trustees also agreed with the administration’s proposal to combine the existing instructional, registration, technology, health center, and student activity fees in to a single, flat-rate charge of $1,450 across all programs. A flat fee provides more predictability by eliminating price fluctuations in students’ bills from semester to semester. In addition, the graduation fee is being eliminated. Fees for Study Abroad, Semester in LA, and U-Pass will remain separate.
Also, starting in Fall 2022, students will be able to take up to 18 credit hours with no overload tuition charge. While most students take a course load of 15 credit hours, this change will allow students who want to accelerate their progress towards graduation to do so without additional cost. Please consider this option carefully, in consultation with your academic adviser. 
A special $1.5 million student aid pool, combining additional institutional dollars, and a new fund established by the college’s Board of Trustees, is being set aside for returning students with financial challenges.
In addition, students who have earned a minimum of 75 credit hours can apply for a need-based, Degree Completion Assistance grant. Students can also inquire about donor-funded scholarships; the application deadline for most 2022-23 scholarships is February 1, 2022.
The Columbia Central team will work with students and families and make awards based on financial need and individual circumstances. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees FAQ for more information about next year’s tuition, institutional aid and scholarships.
The college remains committed to solidifying its role as a leader in post-secondary creative arts education that positions its students to thrive as contributors and leaders in all sectors. 
We wish you a successful end to the semester and the academic year.


Kwang-Wu Kim

William E. Wolf
Chairman of the Board
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