Academic Leadership


Office of the Provost

  • Susan Kerns, PhD
    Associate Provost for Faculty Research and Development

  • Holly Herrera, PhD
    Associate Provost for Transfer Initiatives and Academic Partnerships

  • Brian Marth
    Associate Provost for Academic Services

  • Neil Pagano, PhD
    Associate Provost for Accreditation and Assessment

  • Pegeen Quinn
    Associate Provost for Academic Personnel

  • David Comp, PhD
    Assistant Provost for Global Education

  • Greg Foster-Rice, PhD
    Associate Provost for Student Retention Initiatives 

  • Jessica Meharry, PhD 
    Co-Director, Academic Diversity, Equity, and Incusion and Associate Professor of Business and Entrepreneurship 

  • Peter Fitzpatrick

    Special Advisor for Community Engagement and Professor of Photography