Student Course Evaluations

Student course evaluations provide important insight to improve Columbia’s learning environment. Responsible feedback allows us to measure the effectiveness of our curriculum, teaching performance, and student learning.

Prior to the final week of classes, students are given the opportunity to complete online evaluations for each of their courses. Students are expected to be honest, fair, and constructive in their evaluation.

After grades are submitted, rating reports can be accessed by faculty and administrators. The reports do not contain student names. They list over-all question rankings as-well-as anonymous comments. Faculty have said that student comments are particularly helpful when modifying, planning, or re-designing their courses. What else do faculty say about student course evaluations?

“We utilize them to guide everything, from curriculum to activities that happened on campus.” Shanita Akintonde, Associate Professor

“Teachers do read them. I'm certainly one who reads them and makes adjustments when necessary. It’s a good thing. And if you don't tell us, we wont know.” Stan West, Part-time Faculty

“It is really important for faculty to hear student feedback because it helps the class change and become better.” Scott Olson, Part-time Faculty

“If we want to understand that teaching and learning is a cooperative and collaborative effort, students need to be willing to hold up their end of the bargain by giving us feedback.” Regina Wellner, Academic Manager

Learn how to access evaluation reports and review answers to frequently asked questions.