XXV. Procedural Review Committee

A. Purpose. The Procedural Review Committee (PRC) will be convened in order to participate in the procedures outlined in Section XX (Sanction and Dismissal of Full-Time Faculty Members) and Section XXI (Termination of Faculty Members with Tenured Appointments for Reasons Other than Cause). PRC members should review Section II (General Principles) prior to participating.

B. Composition and Term. The Procedural Review Committee (PRC) will be composed of seven faculty members with Tenured Appointments. No two members will be from the same Department. Once elected, the PRC will select a member to serve as Chair of the PRC.

A member presumptively will be considered to have a conflict of interest if that member has brought a matter before the PRC within the last three years.

PRC members will serve staggered terms of two years beginning October 1. In the event the PRC is considering matters on October 1, the terms will be extended until the PRC is able to complete consideration of the case in progress. All cases that arise on or after October 1 will be considered by the newly formed PRC.

C. Selection of Members. Three faculty members with Tenured Appointments, one from each school, will be identified in an election conducted by the Faculty Senate, along with three alternates, one from each school. A fourth faculty member with a Tenured Appointment will be elected from the membership of the Faculty Senate, along with one alternate. Three Department Chairs will be elected by the Chairs’ Council, one from each school, along with three alternates, one from each school. The Faculty Senate and the Chairs’ Council will nominate faculty members with Tenured Appointments by whatever process each of the memberships agrees upon. The Faculty Senate elections will precede that of the Chairs’ Council.

D. Deliberations. In the event any member of the PRC has a conflict of interest with a pending matter, that member shall be replaced by the alternate. A conflict of interest is defined in Section II.A. of this Statement. The ultimate determination of whether a conflict of interest exists is reserved to the discretion of the PRC.

Each member of the PRC shall have one vote of equal weight in any decision the PRC is called upon to make. In the event that the alternate likewise has a conflict of interest or is not available to fill a vacancy, then for the conflicted or unavailable proceeding only, the vacancy shall be filled by another of equal rank in the case of faculty, appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. In the case of a Department Chair, the officers of the Chairs’ Council shall appoint a Department Chair. All alternate appointments shall be approved by the other PRC members. No member of the PRC shall serve a concurrent term on the ACT Committee.