Assessment Plans

The Accreditation and Assessment office helps facilitate the assessment activities and support the departments in their varied assessment efforts. At the beginning of each semester, the Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation and the Project Manager for Assessment, Accreditation, and Faculty Development individually meet with each department to create an Assessment Plan for the semester.

These meetings include:

After data is collected, the Accreditation and Assessment office and the department collaborate on a written report on the evidence of student learning. The department then uses the report to foster both formal and informal conversations; to inform decision-making, problem identification and solving; and to implement changes that reflect best practices and that respond to the student population.

Below are examples of previous department Assessment Plans:  

School of Fine and Performing Arts

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

School of Media Arts

Program Review

Every five years, each department undergoes a Program Review in which the department reflects on and documents department changes and inventories department strengths and needs, among other things. During the 16-month Program Review cycle, the department completes a self-study. Program Review guides departments in answering self-generated questions about the department’s status and plans for moving forward.