Innovation and Impact

Fall 2020 Innovation and Impact Course

  • Cultivating Food Equity (CCCX 311)

    Section 01 
    Taught by: Jessica Jacobs (Business and Entrepreneurship)  

    Have you heard the phrase, “eating from the rainbow?” Nutrition experts say, the more colorful the food on your plate, the more nutrients in each meal. Loading up a plate with colorful foods isn’t always easy for many in Chicago and other urban areas who don’t have access to well-stocked, affordable, and accessible grocery stores. In this Innovation and Impact class, students will research a variety of food sources in Chicago and imagine how to cultivate a more equitable food supply chain in an urban market. Through site visits, research, interviews, and real-life role play, students will better understand the underlying causes of food deserts that impact health and wellness. What would food equity look like in the future for an urban city like Chicago? Students will deliver a solution-oriented final project that may address physical grocery needs, opportunities to grow food, programs to educate, or any other possible solution that addresses a root cause.

    Course-specific learning outcome:

    • Create a proposal/portfolio deliverable that employs methodologies connected with business, technology and communications to explore what food equity would look like in the future in an urban city like Chicago.