COVID-19 Classroom Resources and Policies

These policies and expectations are taken from the Columbia College Chicago campus re-opening plan. You can view the full plan here. 

The success of this plan rests in large part in people being supportive of each other by respecting social distancing, practicing hand sanitizing and wearing face coverings to protect members of our campus community.

We must be patient with each other over small, involuntary infractions. These can include a face covering momentarily slipping off someone's nose, or someone straying for a brief moment closer than 6 feet—all instances that scientific guidance tells us do not pose a major risk if they are brief.

However, students who disregard the rules below will be subject to discipline.

Training, Attestation, and Daily Pre-Check
Face Coverings
Social Distancing

Enhanced Disinfection and Cleaning

Cleaning crews are completing comprehensive daily cleaning and disinfection of all classrooms and studio spaces according to CDC guidance. They will also clean high-touch surfaces several times a day using a disinfection solution, including light switches, doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, and faucets. In addition:

Expectations for Off-Campus Activities
Computer Lab Space