A Message from President Kwang-Wu Kim

Dr. Kim

The 2014-15 academic year marked the moment when, after a period of “blue skies” thinking, internal conversation, and preliminary groundwork, Columbia College Chicago embarked on an exciting journey to realize its full value as an educational innovator, an incubator of new creative practice, and a generator of real-world success for its graduates. The Board of Trustees’ approval of Achieving our Greatness: A Strategic Plan for Columbia College Chicago, 2015-2020 in May 2015 was the culmination of an intensive eight-month planning process that drew on the feedback of nearly 800 members of the college community. Ambitious and comprehensive, the plan sets out a road map that will shape all that we do over the next five years.

The plan establishes six strategic goals:

  1. Fostering student success through stronger, more comprehensive student advising and career development services
  2. Revising our curricula to ensure that they are current, relevant, and congruent with defined learning outcomes
  3. Becoming a national higher education leader for our systemic and comprehensive institutional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  4. Developing new structures for community engagement that require our students to test their actions, beliefs, and values in the world
  5. Boosting enrollment both among traditional-age students and in new student markets, including graduate, international, online, and continuing education
  6. Building the human, financial, and technological resource base that will allow us to successfully accomplish our mission

While the implementation of specific initiatives awaited the plan’s approval in most cases, we did take initial steps in 2014-15 in areas in which progress was felt to be both necessary and achievable. Most importantly, we began a serious conversation about the construction of a new student center, the plan’s most tangible expression of our commitment to becoming a truly student-centric institution.

These first steps are a harbinger of a more extensive program of change to come, as we move boldly to meet the obligations placed upon us by our mission and by the promises we make to our students and to the wider world.

Kwang-Wu Kim
President and CEO