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Self-Study Committee
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Self-Study Committee

Who We Are

Research, Evaluation and Planning
Anne Foley, VP of Administration, Research and Planning; Coordinator
Yun Kim, former Assistant VP of Research and Evaluation
Andre Foisy, Assistant to the VP of Administration, Research and Planning
Nicole Sanders, Assistant to the Self-Study Coordinator
Marty Kane, Self-Study Research Assistant
Self-Study Committee
Randall Albers, Chair, Fiction Writing
Doreen Bartoni, Dean, School of Media Arts
Ava Belisle-Chatterjee, Chair, Educational Studies
Barbara Calabrese, Chair, Radio
Sheila Carter, Executive Director, Multicultural Affairs
Peter Cook, Faculty, ASL-English Interpretation
Kenneth Daley, Chair, English
Kevin Doherty, Associate VP of Business Affairs/Controller
Betsy Edgerton, Faculty, Journalism
David Flatley, Executive Director, CCAP
Bill Friedman, Assistant Dean of Student Development
Michael Fry, Faculty, Television
Robert Garcia, Director, Graduate Admissions
Stephanie Griffin, former Associate VP of Human Resources
Deborah Holdstein, Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Jon Katzman, Director, Semester in L.A. (ad hoc member)
Azar Khosravani, Associate Chair, Science and Mathematics
Ray Kovach, Director, Foundation Grants/Government Relations
Joseph Laiacona, Adjunct Faculty, Interactive Arts and Media
Doug Lofstrom, Faculty, Music
Louise Love, VP of Academic Affairs
James MacDonald, Associate Chair, Music
Brian Marth, Director, College Advising Center
Debra McGrath, Associate VP of Enrollment Management
Bernadette McMahon, Associate VP and CIO
Erin Nathan, Student
Eliza Nichols, Dean, School of Fine and Performing Arts
Margie Nicholson, Faculty, AEMM
Niki Nolin, Faculty, Interactive Arts and Media
Pegeen Quinn, Academic Program Manager (ad hoc member)
Pegeen Reichert Powell, Faculty, English
Julie Redmond, Assistant VP for Academic Support 
Ellen Shapiro, Adjunct Faculty, Marketing Communication
Arlie Sims, Head of Reference and Instructional Services, Library
Margaret Sullivan, Chair, Marketing Communication
Bob Thall, Chair, Photography