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Columbia College Chicago
Faculty Advising

Faculty Advising

Columbia College Chicago believes that faculty-to-student advising is a critical component of the undergraduate educational experience. Through long-term and consistent contact with faculty members, students develop a collaborative relationship within which to explore and craft sound educational plans. Sustained faculty contact and personal attention offers each student a unique opportunity to achieve a profound understanding of the options and available resources and to ponder life goals, requirements, and opportunities.

Columbia recognizes that faculty advising is teaching and encourages faculty to embrace their advising responsibilities with the same passion and commitment that they bring to the classroom.

The goals of Advising at Columbia are to help students:

  • Develop a holistic approach to their education that embraces the entire college experience; curricular, co-curricular, social, and institutional.
  • Synthesize study in the arts and media with study in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Develop an enduring love of learning and the skill and habits of a lifetime of discovery.
  • Appreciate that learning entails taking risks and overcoming obstacles.
  • Clarify life and career goals.
  • Develop appropriate educational plans.
  • Understand requirements and select appropriate courses.
  • Seek our and use educational resources and student services.
  • Evaluate progress and reinforce self-direction and self-efficiency.
  • Encourage the student to become more independent with a sense of personal responsibility.
  • Develop a substantive body of work while synthesizing learning and personal vision.

The Role of Faculty Advisors in the Advising Process:

  • Welcome and orient students to the major department.
  • Develop and share in-depth knowledge and expertise of majors, minors and concentrations.
  • Share professional knowledge of the industry and career paths.
  • Help navigate academic programs including course selection, basic Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) Core curriculum and college wide electives (CWE).
  • Initiate online Course Equivalency, Substitution and Waiver Forms as needed to maintain Advising Guide accuracy.
  • Provide Registration Clearances as determined by the department.
  • Assist in the navigation of Academic Policies and Procedures.
  • Guide students to college resources and provide appropriate referral information.



For an overview of the advising process for students, visit the Advising at Columbia page.