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Office of Budget Management

Office of Budget Management

The Office of Budget Management reports directly to the Provost. This office coordinates and oversees the annual academic budget process with stakeholders across Academic Affairs, including the School of Fine and Performing Arts, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Media Arts, Academic Support, Semester in L.A., the Center for Black Music Research, the Library and the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Budget Management plays a vital role in facilitating the flow of information and communication regarding financial matters throughout the academic entities, and it is the priority of this area to continue to be available to support our community through this role.

The Office of Budget Management also works closely with key administrators and committees across the college to both advocate for Academic Affairs, and the College as a whole. This includes the Tuition and Fees committee, Bookstore committee, and, in conjunction with the CFO, meeting with the Finance committee of the Faculty Senate. Through research and data analysis, the Office of Budget Management works to support Academic Affairs and College wide initiatives. The unit strives to both inform and assist with decisions stemming from partnerships across the institution. Furthermore, the office assists with facilitating the administration and flow of Faculty and Staff positions.

Working to provide guidance and support is the final key role that this area provides. This unit serves as a resource for schools/units to utilize in order to assist with organizing and presenting their strategic plans, new programs, and related budgets, particularly as it relates to the College’s strategic and financial goals, mission and values. Presenting monthly meetings with stakeholders to flow communication, as well as policy and process review, is another pathway for Budget Management to accomplish this goal. Other constituents across the college are also invited to join us at these meetings as another touch point for conveying new or changing processes, as well as other announcements.

David Valadez David Valadez
Assistant Vice President for Budget Management
Jessica Davenport

Jessica Davenport
Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Sterling Berry-Whitlock Sterling Berry-Whitlock
Director of Administration
Colleen Krupa Colleen Krupa
Administrative Assistant