Personal Papers and Music Manuscripts

The CBMR Library and Archives contains the personal papers and music manuscripts of many composers and musicians.

Score Collections

The Archive holds collections of scores given by the composers.

Organizational Records

The records and papers of several organizations can be found in the Archive.

Research Collections

In addition to the materials contained in the Library, the collections of the Archives contain the papers and research files of several major scholars as well as collections of papers and musical scores.

Audio and Video Recordings

The CBMR Library and Archives excels in audio and archival video materials. Collections of recordings are particularly strong in jazz, art music, and popular music styles from 1900 to the present. The recordings and materials about vernacular and popular music focus on the United States, Caribbean, South Africa, Central Africa, and Central America.

See also this partial list of the CBMR’s analog recordings.

Other Collections

The CBMR Library and Archives also contains other collections.