I. Academic Freedom

A. Definition. The Board of Trustees hereby reaffirms that all members of the Columbia College Chicago faculty, regardless of their employment status, are entitled to Academic Freedom. This means that all faculty members are protected against institutional discipline or restraint in their discussion of relevant matters in the classroom, exploration of self- chosen avenues of scholarship, research and creative expression, and speaking and writing as public citizens. The Board of Trustees also reaffirms that Academic Freedom entails faculty responsibilities, which include the conscientious performance of academic duties and obligations and integrity in the scholarly and creative enterprises. No individual faculty member may speak for the College in matters of public interest.

B. Protection. Because of the commitment of Columbia College Chicago to Academic Freedom, no faculty member’s appointment will be terminated for any belief, opinion, expression, or conduct, however unconventional or controversial, that is protected by the principles of Academic Freedom as defined in Section I.A. Further, any explicit or implicit threat of termination or discipline for the purpose of constraining a faculty member in the exercise of the faculty member’s rights under such principles of Academic Freedom is contrary to the policies of the College.