VII. Academic Year Workload for Faculty Members With Teaching-Track Appointments

Full-time faculty workload encompasses effort, time, and product in the two Evaluation Areas for Teaching-Track Faculty (as defined in Section V. Criteria for Full-Time Faculty Appointments and evaluated according to Section V.) This section seeks to establish expectations of faculty work for the purpose of enabling Department Chairs to allocate teaching and service obligations and helping faculty to balance their responsibilities. If a faculty member’s anticipated workload responsibilities constitute substantially more than the expected workload for a particular Evaluation Area, adjustments may be negotiated with the Department Chair, subject to the approval of the School Dean.

As part of teaching and teaching-related activity, full-time teaching-track faculty members are responsible for teaching 12 credits per semester or 24 per academic year (dates as defined in the Faculty Manual), or equivalent responsibilities approved by the Department Chair and School Dean, and keeping regular office hours to assist students. Teaching and teaching-related activity constitutes approximately 80% of the workload.

Teaching-track faculty are also responsible for service to the college, profession and community, constituting approximately 20% of the workload.

All teaching-track faculty are expected to:
All teaching-track faculty are also expected to participate in additional service activities. Such kinds of service activities may include, but are not limited to:

Before the end of each academic year, the Chair and teaching-track faculty member will discuss the faculty member’s workload responsibilities for the following academic year and document this discussion.

The workload percentages are an approximation that intentionally allow flexibility so that a faculty member, in consultation with the Department Chair, can manage the ebb and flow of teaching and service activities throughout the year.