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Our diverse faculty are academics and practitioners—industry leaders who live what they teach and inspire students to Shape What’s Next.

Columbia's art-splashed urban campus is located in the heart of Chicago, a vibrant city that can be your classroom, your canvas, and your home. At Columbia, we value your expertise in theory and practice. Work alongside award-winning scholars, artists and entrepreneurs and empower students to turn their ideas into creative practice. 

We are currently looking for full-time tenured/tenure-track and visiting faculty to join our faculty. 

Why Columbia?


"Columbia has supported my scholarly work, in particular the publication of “Five Hundred African Voices.” The book identified nearly five hundred published accounts by slave ship survivors. These voices...provide a wealth of information about life and the loss of freedom in Africa, the Middle Passage, and slavery and freedom in the Americas."

Robert Hanserd, Associate Professor of Humanities, History and Social Sciences


"I love the energy and inspiration I receive interacting with the students…Deep inside their questions, you hear the indistinguishable excitement to learn the craft, to tell their stories, and manifest ideas onto the screen. They are hopeful and creative; they carry a strong work ethic, and stand up for what they believe in."

- Carolina Posse, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Cinema and Television Arts


"I initially worried my own creative work would suffer because of teaching full-time. The opposite happened - with the support of the Columbia community I now write more and better music than ever before. Running a graduate program at Columbia has been both gratifying as a teacher and bountiful as a working artist."

Kubilay Uner, Associate Professor, Music and Director, MFA Music Composition for the Screen 

About Columbia College Chicago 


Columbia's lively campus is in Chicago's South Loop neighborhood with nearly 6,700 students, 900 faculty (both full and part-time), and 1,900 staff. Columbia offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, more than 100 majors and programs, has 16 academic departments, and three schools: School of Fine and Performing Arts, School of Media Arts, and School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In 2019, Columbia opened its first-ever Student Center, a five-story, 114,000 square-foot space—a campus hub for students, faculty, and staff to gather, collaborate, learn, and celebrate. 

The college is committed to cultivating an environment that promotes principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across a spectrum of practices such as curriculum, pedagogy, communications, and professional development. As such, those applying to the college must include an Inclusive Excellence Statement as part of their application. To learn more about Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, visit the Academic DEI website

The Manifest Urban Arts Festival is Columbia's signature event where graduating Columbia students showcase their creative work. Those who attend experience an array of engaging, thought-provoking, and interactive art, music, and visuals that only Columbia students can create. 

Check out the Manifest 2022 video to get a feel for our talented, vibrant community.