Spring Semester Remote Instruction

Dear students—

Welcome back to the spring semester. The faculty have been working hard and with innovative spirit, to deliver the remainder of the semester remotely. We all want the same thing: for you to be able to complete courses and continue to progress in your education and your practice.

This is happening differently across each discipline; with departments drawing on their own strengths and best practices while also deploying new resources. We are even using this opportunity, to incorporate the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis into your learning.

As we embark on this journey together, please know are here and available to support your success. Each department chair has prepared a short message for students about what to expect once classes resume. You will also find messages about Advising, Tutoring, and Registration policies and services that will be available to support your success.

In addition, we've added a number of links should you need technical support on Canvas. The platform offers round the clock support and Columbia's IT staff is also available for assistance.

If you are a student with technical difficulty accessing Canvas, please also complete this survey so we can assess your technical needs (requires signing in to your Office 365 account).

For technology and advising information and assistance, visit:

Student Remote Learning Support

Faculty Remote Instruction Support

Academic Advisors

A message from the Provost

A message from the Associate Provost

A message from Academic Services

A message from the Registrar

Additional messages from our departments