Strategic Planning 2021: Building Our Brighter Future

Student Center Interior Mural
Photo: Phil Dembinski '08

With the launch of President Kwang-Wu Kim's position paper, Senior Vice President and Provost Marcella David has initiated the strategic planning process for the college with the goals and strategic themes outlined below. The provost and Strategic Plan subcommittees encourages the college community to be part of this process and submit ideas below. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is co-chaired by the provost and Associate Professor Carmelo Esterrich, and thematic sub-committees are working to develop strategies to advance our college’s goals. The Committee encourages the college community to be part of this process and submit comments/feedback below. 

Ways to Get Involved

Town Halls 

We are hosting two community-wide Strategic Plan Town Hall listening sessions. Each session will begin with a brief summary of the strategic planning process followed by an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to reflect upon specific portions of our strategic plan. You can find links to those sections below.

Strategic Plan Draft
We’re providing an opportunity for the college community to share ideas and feedback on draft sections of the college's strategic plan using an online survey tool found here.

Here are draft sections of the strategic plan for review:

  1. Introduction
  2. Curriculum
  3. Students
  4. Engagement
  5. Operations

Share Your Feedback

Strategic Planning Process Overview

Four Goals for Our Strong Future 
Four Strategic Themes to Reach Our Goals  
Subcommittee Chairs
Thematic Subcommittees  Co-Chairs  
Creatives’ Curriculum (undergraduate)  Eric Freedman, Dean, School of Media Arts

Niki Nolin, Associate Professor - Art and Art History 
Creatives’ Curriculum (graduate)  Suzanne McBride, Dean, Graduate Studies  
Jessica Meharry, Associate Professor - Business and Entrepreneurship, Faculty Representative to the Board  
Student Growth and Student Success  Brian Marth, Associate Provost - Academic Services  
Rosita Sands, Dean, School of Fine and Performing Arts
Fostering Sustainable Engagement  Peter Fitzpatrick, Special Advisor Community Engagement - Provost's Office 
Erik Friedman, Associate Dean, Career Development and Industry Relations  
Rocky Monroe, Associate Professor of Dance, Co-Director - Academic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Building a Supportive Operational Context 
Nathan Bakkum, Sr. Associate Provost, Associate Professor - Music History 
Steve Corey, Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences