DEI Executive Committee

To support the college’s commitment to equity and justice, the Office of the President created the DEI Executive Committee in 2015-16. The DEI Executive Committee assists the co-directors of Academic DEI on the design, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives that will embed a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the college’s curriculum, programming, and academic personnel in accordance with our academic DEI mission. The roles and responsibilities of the DEI Executive Committee include: 

Membership on the DEI Executive Committee is a two-year commitment with an option to self-nominate after a one-year hiatus from the committee. The DEI Executive Committee convenes monthly and has representatives from full and part-time faculty, staff, and administration.

DEI Executive Committee Representatives 

Name Role
Raquel Monroe  Co-Director of Academic DEI 
Jessica Meharry  Co-Director of Academic DEI 
Heather Aguilar  Internal Communications Manager, SCER
Marcelo Caplan  Associate Professor, HHSS 
Deb Doetzer   Part-time Faculty, Communication
Michelle Ferguson  Assistant to the Director, Library 
Ames Hawkins   Associate Provost Faculty Research Development
Ann Kalayil  AVP Facilities/Construction 
Molly Todd Madison   Graduate Student, MAM
Dave Pabellon  Assistant Professor, Design 
Bertram Rodgers  Undergraduate Student, CTVA