Student Return from Medical Care Guidelines and Support

A medical concern may be extraordinarily challenging for a student. As a faculty member, you have an important role in assisting a student who is experiencing medical difficulty. We know that you would want to do everything you can to help students succeed in your class and so we have some supports to assist you. 

Student Affairs has created two sets of guidelines—one for students and one for faculty—to help assist with communication and support during what can often be a complicated and challenging time.

As always, if you have a student who seems to have disappeared from class, or they have emailed you personally to say that they are/have been hospitalized, please submit an ALERT immediately. 

To discuss the status of your alert submission, contact Bess Fuertes, Coordinator of Student Persistence: or 312.369.7929 

If you require consultation or assistance regarding a student’s medical concerns, contact Student Relations: or 312.369.8595